Thursday, 21 July 2016

Lost and Found Pocoyo

While I was away last week, Alex's favourite toy, Pocoyo, went missing.  There's some confusion about where and when it happened and the delay means that we're not going to be able to get it back.  Alex says he left it at the McDonald's near his summer school, but that would have meant he'd brought it to school, which seems unlikely.

It was a tough moment.  To get the toy last time, my parents ordered it from Europe and it had to go through a couple of intermediate steps before it got to us.  Last year, we thought we'd lost Pocoyo and a search revealed that the store where we'd bought it before wasn't selling it any longer.  So we were resigning ourselves to a reality where Pocoyo was really gone.

Last night I sat down at the computer and though "I'll just check".  I had some time to kill and maybe I might find a collector's site or something.

To my surprise, had a 6 inch Pocoyo plush toy for under $ 10 + shipping.  It looks a little different than the one he had before, but fairly close.  It should be a close match.

We ordered it and it should be here in the next few weeks, guaranteeing that we'll find the original tucked into a corner of the basement somewhere.  But either way, he'll still have his favourite toy and some surprised but relieved parents.

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