Friday, 17 June 2016

Two Weeks to Go

Two weeks to go until school finishes and summer begins.  We have all our summer programs confirmed.  Alex will be in camp for July and half of August.  Nathan will be doing a camp every other week and riding once a week in the evening.  My parents will be renting a cottage again for the boys.  It should be a good summer for them.

We're in a much different place than we were last year.  Alex is making some real progress towards toilet training but has had a behaviour regression for bolting and impulsiveness, which will make outings difficult.  Nathan is more independent than he was last year but also more anxious.  Sometimes it can be hit or miss to get him to do things, even if they're familiar.

I'm really worried about the week I'll be away in San Diego.  Nathan has a camp, but it's with older children (9-12) and given that he can already act younger than he is, I'm concerned about how he might react.  I'm also concerned because Dave tends to let him stay home rather than working with Nathan to solve the problem.  

I'm telling myself that if Nathan doesn't end up doing the camp, then that's not the end of the world.  There will be other opportunities.  But I'm still feeling the parental pre-guilt of wondering: if I was there, would it be more likely that Nathan would do well?

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