Tuesday 7 June 2016

Planning for Next Year

After 3 years at the same school, Alex will be moving to a new school next year.  I don't deal well with unknowns, so facing this change has been nerve-wracking.  I'm hoping that I'll feel more confident once I have a chance to see the school and meet the staff.

Alex's teacher has suggested that we set up therapy for September and October to help Alex through the transition.  I need to talk to her to figure out what she's envisioning.  The company we were working with before only does therapy during daytime hours, so I'd have to pull Alex partially out of school to make that work.  Given that the new school is a 35 minute drive from the house, that would be a big chunk of my day in transit as well.

I also have to wonder how it would work for bringing him up to full days.  Last time, we did it over two months, so we'd be looking at continuing through November and December as well.  Now, if it means that Alex has a smoother transition, I'm willing to do it but it's a big commitment for time and expense.

One of his therapists is still working with him as a tutor twice a week after school.  I'm hoping that maybe having her act as transition support might be feasible.  She'd probably have to come more frequently and I have no idea how that would fit into her schedule, but it would be a more manageable option.

Hopefully we can get some answers before school finishes for the year.

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