Wednesday 8 June 2016

Nathan's Big Step

This last week, Nathan has really impressed me with his behaviour.  He's been in a number of difficult situations but has kept his temper.  

He was frustrated at the final Cub meeting when he didn't earn a badge for his good deeds (he had one of the highest number of good deed cards but the award is given to the six based on collective numbers).  He came to me and got a hug but then went back and continued with the closing ceremony.  (He even managed to continue when a leader accidentally bumped into him, a situation which had him in tears and sulks a few weeks ago.)

His teacher tells me that he got frustrated at school, and while he shouted at the child who was bothering him, he calmed down quickly and spoke with her afterwards.  He even came up with some alternate solutions on what to do next time.

He caught Alex breaking apart one of his Lego creations and rather than yelling and screaming, he asked Alex to stop and leave it alone.  Then he asked me to help him put it back together.  He was crying and clearly upset, but he didn't lose his temper.

I'm very proud of him.

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