Friday, 10 June 2016

Last PA Day of the School Year

Today is the last PA day for the school year.  After this there are 3 weeks of school and then the summer begins.

On the one hand, I'm ready.  The kids' summer activities are planned (except for riding, which I expect to hear from shortly).  My work schedule has been arranged.  Vacations have been planned.

On the other hand, so very not ready.  I was hoping to be a lot further ahead on my next book, so that I could effectively "take the summer off" from writing and be available to do fun stuff with the kids.   I have to go clothes shopping (which I loathe) for my trip to San Diego.  And there's the usual assortment of other things which need to happen.

Today, I have both kids home and I want to do something fun in the afternoon with them, not just work through the day.  But with Alex's recent bolting and impulsivity issues, there's a limitation on what we can do.  It has to be something which will be relatively deserted and where I can keep an eye on him, but where Nathan will still have fun.  If the trampoline park is open this afternoon, that would be ideal.

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