Monday 13 June 2016

Another Day In Montreal

Alex earned another trip to Montreal.  We've adjusted the toileting system and seem to be having some success.  Now on weekends we have him sit twice, once in the morning and once in the afternoon and despite it being a 3 day weekend, we had entirely dribble-free days.  Alex got two successes on Friday, one on Saturday morning and one on Sunday morning.

We've also shortened the "word" he has to spell down to 8-10 letters instead of 10 to 12.  We've noticed that he tends to do worse at the start of the longer word and pick up steam the closer he gets to the end, so a long word may not be the best motivation.

He had a good time.  Since he's over 12 now, he qualifies for the Medical Companion fare, which means an adult rides free with him.  (Apparently the policy is for disabled children over 8, which is not what they told us when we were first asking about that, which is frustrating.)  He still needs to pay an adult fare (since he's now over 12) but it's still a substantial savings.

He enjoyed the usual trip to Eaton Centre and rode the elevators and escalators.  We had a late train back, so he was starting to get pretty tired and restless by the end of it.  I brought his iPad for him to use for the ride home and that kept it from being too difficult.  Sunday ended up being difficult because he was tired and prone to argue, complain and whine.  

I'd forgotten that last weekend was race weekend, until we got to Montreal and saw hundreds of people in F1 gear.  The subway was very crowded but Alex still enjoyed it.  

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