Thursday 26 May 2016

Return of Bolting

A problem we thought we had dealt with has returned.  Alex has begun bolting again (by which I mean that he will walk away from the house or school or from us when we're out).  I'm not sure what triggered this, but he's tried twice to walk home from school and three time to simply leave the house.  All in the last week.

We're going to have to increase our vigilance when we go out and go back to, no trips unless we have one-on-one attention on Alex.  Dave suggested using Nathan as an alarm, but I'm not quite prepared to go there.  (For one, I can see Nathan shouting out as soon as Alex moves one step and then requiring my full attention while Alex slips off.)

I am now really hoping that we get the service dog for the fall.  This is one of the big reasons we wanted the dog in first place.  Since we keep coming back to the same issue over and over, I suspect this is not something we can ever eliminate behaviourally.  We will always need to have precautions in place to deal with it.

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