Monday, 2 May 2016

Alex's Trip to Montreal with Mommy

To my surprise, Alex decided that I could take him to Montreal for his toileting-reward trip this weekend instead of waiting for Memee and Avi.  (Lately, I've been bottom of his list for rewards.  He'll go with Daddy, or his grandparents or Kaitlin, but he doesn't want to go with me.)

I was a little worried.  He has a tendency to push the boundaries of acceptable behaviour when he's with me, so sometimes when I'm trying to have a pleasant time with him, it seems like I end up having to constantly correct him.  I didn't want this trip to be like that, as this is the big reward which is helping us to push forward for toileting.

But it turned out to be a pleasant day.  We arrived early to the train station but Alex behaved himself very well during the wait and on the train up to Montreal.  He led me through the Eaton Centre and got A&W for lunch, then a tour of the escalators and elevators.  Then we rode the Metro for half an hour, then more escalators and elevators and back on the train.  

I did have to frequently remind him to stay with me, hand in hand, rather than wandering off or ahead.  And we did have difficulty when we needed to make a half hour stop on the way back (I guess the train was running ahead of schedule).  Alex was bored and ready to go home, so he started acting up and needed to be reminded that if he didn't behave, he wouldn't have screen time when he got home.

We're doing a longer "word" this time: Go To Montreal, 12 letters.  Partly because birthday season is coming up and he's going to have a lot of fun happening and has a lot of commitments on the weekends.  And partly because we want to push him for more success.  

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