Wednesday 9 March 2016

Next Window Please

I've been trying to find a day program for Alex to attend this summer since this will be his first summer without a regular tutor or a regular therapy program.  I've gotten some recommendations but it appears that most of them don't have their 2016 information up yet.

It got me thinking about how frustrating it is finding help.  Whenever we've been looking for assistance, we've almost never been able to just get something set up.  It's usually weeks and sometimes months of trying to get in touch with various people and organizations, often to be told: not us, try somewhere else.

I sometimes have to be the person saying that in my work and it always bothers me.  I've got a list of alternate resources and I try to give the person something but I know how it feels to find yet another dead end in the search for help.

Things are improving.  The Ontario Resource Kit at least has a number of contacts all in one place.  But I think parents are still mostly blazing their own trails, working from maps with more guesswork than a pre-Columbus map of the Atlantic ocean: Here there be services.

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