Thursday, 31 March 2016

Birthday Season Coming Up

We have begun the countdown to birthday season.  With both boys having their birthday a week apart in May, it makes planning birthday celebrations a burst activity.

This year I find myself wondering what to do with Alex.  He doesn't like the social pressure of parties, so inviting his classmates or the extended family to come visit is stressful, not fun.  Last year, I had Ana and Elsa come visit him for a birthday surprise, which he quite enjoyed but I'm not sure if he would like it again this year.  (The Frozen phase seems to have waned somewhat.)

I want to do something special for him.  Nathan is getting a trampoline party with his friends and there will be a family birthday party for both of them with the extended family in attendance.  But I'd like something for just Alex.

His birthday is on a weekday, which limits at least some of the options.  Dave and I have talked about giving him an extra long bus ride, perhaps one that intersects with the O-train, but that would be a late night.  We could take him to CHEO and let him ride his favourite elevators.  If we wait for the weekend, we could see about taking him to a movie (and let him ride the elevators at the cinema).

I'm sure plenty of people will be appalled at this list.  It doesn't sound very fun from our point of view.  But these are things which Alex loves and usually he has to earn them with a lot of hard work.  Giving them to him freely would be a special day.

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