Thursday 25 February 2016

Update on the Sad Day

The morning was a challenge, no two ways about it.  One wet bed to deal with right away and both kids sleepy from being up late the night before.  Then we had a minor tantrum over breakfast not being the way Nathan wanted it and another from both Nathan and Alex over who got to go first for getting their post-breakfast medicine and teeth time (first done usually gets first pick of the screens).  Still, I managed to keep everyone scrambling towards getting ready and I even found the time to quickly go through my work computer and phone to see if there were any urgent messages.

One final upset before leaving the house, Nathan felt his cookie was too cold from having been in the fridge.  I suggested he get himself a new cookie and the problem was solved without tears.  Then it was time to herd my boys into their snowsuits and start walking Nathan to school so that we would be home in time for Alex's van.  Alex was not happy about having to walk to school and let us know in a continual stream of complaints and demands to go back home.

Nathan asked why I was heading out and I explained that I was going to a funeral, which is where people gather when someone dies.  He asked why we celebrate that.  I decided not to deal with his word choice of "celebrate" and explained that when someone dies, the people who loved them are very sad and need lots of hugs and friends, so we gather together.

We dropped Nathan off just as the teachers were coming on duty and then had to hustle back.  Alex's van can come at any time in a 20 minute window and there's no second chance if you're not there when it arrives.  With the weather, I was hoping it would not be running early and it arrived about 15 minutes into the window.

With the kids delivered to their respective schools, it was time for me to brave the roads to the funeral home.  It took me about half again the usual driving time but I still made it before the pre-funeral visitation was finished.

The service was very nice, with the deceased's sister giving a beautiful speech about how her sister's prime focus was making sure that her family and friends had lots of wonderful memories.  How even a trip to Tim Hortons could be made into a special event.  After, our group of friends had a chance to catch up and talk.  It was great getting to see everyone, even if the circumstances weren't the best.

I ended up working through the afternoon instead of writing but the rest of the day went relatively smoothly.  Alex even earned another trip to McDonald's for having success on the toilet.  

It was a lot of work being the only adult.  My days are full enough as it is, which means something gets dropped when something else is added to my plate.  But we got through, so I'll count it as a win.

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