Monday, 22 February 2016

Making Decisions for Summer

As obscene as it is to be having to nail down the summer plans while there's still over a metre of snow on the ground, it is indeed that time.

The City of Ottawa opens registration for its spring and summer programs on March 7th.  Last year, a lot of the specialty camps filled up very quickly, so I sat down with Nathan over the weekend and we picked out the camps he wants to go to.  He's picked one on movie making, Minecraft, one where they make a stop-motion film and magic camp.  I'm a little worried about the movie making one.  It's for 9-13 year olds, which means he'd be one of the youngest children there.  He didn't do well in the science camp a few years ago (the counselors didn't give him the support he needed).  It's also the same week I'll be away, so Dave will be on his own for dealing with it.

Alex is presenting more of a challenge.  We want him to try some day camps but there isn't a whole lot of selection and most of the private programs don't have their schedules for 2016 up.  I'm worried about ending up with him being completely unscheduled for a large chunk of the summer, which would not go well for me.

My preference would be to rotate so that I have one child home and one child at camp each week.  That way I can do something special in the afternoon with whomever is home and still have a decent shot at getting my work done.  Writing will be a challenge but it always is in the summer.

Then there's therapeutic riding.  If we can get an evening slot like last year, then we may be able to keep going but if we can't, then it's just not going to work out.

It's a lot of pieces to juggle and I have to get them firmed up in the next few weeks, knowing that some of them will be out of my control.

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