Tuesday 26 January 2016

Life Happens

Sometimes, despite the best of intentions, things do not go as planned.

Lately, I've been getting a lot of character-building reminders that I shouldn't get too attached to my plans.  That I should make sure I have room to be flexible.

There have been the usual scheduling challenges, with too much work to fit into too few hours.  There have been the usual weather challenges (I do not cope well with being cold).  Parenting challenges, home repair challenges (new territory for me, as a former military brat, we usually moved before needing to do any real maintenance), and the challenges of too little sleep.  Those are all challenges I'm used to dealing with.

Around the holidays, the universe has upped the ante by throwing some health challenges into the mix.  Nothing serious, just inconvenient.  Before Christmas, I discovered I had a fibroid.  Uncomfortable, but not threatening.  Most women get them at one point or another.  After Christmas, I found out the ache in my jaw is a cracked tooth which will definitely need a crown and possibly a root canal.  Because of the root complications, we have to wait before fixing it.  Again, unpleasant but could be worse.

Last night, after driving to pick up Nathan at Cubs, my car refused to start.  I had to call Dave to come get us, which meant getting Alex out of bed.  Nathan was very upset, crying because he thought we would have to sleep in the car and would freeze to death.  No matter how I explained that Daddy would be here soon and then we'd just go home, he refused to believe me.

We had to leave the car at Cubs.  Today we'll go and see if we can get it to start or if it needs to be towed.  Either way, it'll be on it's way to the mechanic.  Which means we'll be short a car for this week and depending on how long it takes, I may not be able to work this morning.  Not awesome.

The side effect of all these unexpected hits is that our vacation fund has been drained.  We had hoped to go to the Maritimes for a week this summer.  Now that's no longer an option, at least not for this year.  I'm disappointed about that but I keep reminding myself it could be worse.

Mostly, I'm just hoping the universe is done playing with us for a little while so that I can get my feet back under me.

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