Monday 14 December 2015

Toileting Successes to Report

Our new toileting plan appears to have something going for it.  Alex produced twice in the toilet last week, once on Wednesday and once on Friday.  And Friday was substantial.

He got his rewards both days: Xbox time, unlimited screen time, a McDonald's ice-cream and no more having to sit on the toilet.

We've got one more week where we can make this work and then we'll have to take a break for the holidays.  I'd like to be more consistent but using the iPad only works if he's producing once a day in a narrow window.  If he's home all day, he tends to dribble.  Once school starts again, we'll have 5 days a week with a schedule.

I don't want to get too optimistic that this is a break-through.  We'll need a lot more than twice to actually begin to teach that this is how toileting is supposed to work.  (Any child needs between 15 and 30 successes to grasp any skill.)  But it's the highest level of success we've had to date and so I will definitely celebrate it.

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