Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Minor Frustrations with Fundraising

I had spoken to Nathan's school to ask if they would be willing to do a fundraiser for Alex's service dog.  Initially I got a positive response, but then someone on the council said they couldn't possibly endorse raising money for a student who isn't at the school.  I countered that the dog would be of benefit to the whole family, that we don't personally receive any money so it goes to a registered charity.  I suggested that even if they weren't comfortable with holding a fundraiser, then perhaps it could be included in the monthly school newsletter, just to let families know it was an option.

No response.

Today I got the December school newsletters and they're raising money for the local Food Cupboard and Toy Mountain.  Those are both worthy causes but I can't help but notice that they probably don't directly affect students at our school.

Maybe they're still considering for Alex's dog, and I hope so.  But I find the politics of fundraising to be quite frustrating.  Actually, I find politics at any level to be frustrating.  I'm much happier dealing with groups and individuals who are more focused on getting something done and done properly than in how it might look.

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