Wednesday 25 November 2015

Parent Teacher Interview results

Last week we had our Parent Teacher Interviews for both kids.  And for once, we're not dealing with any crises (knock on wood).

Alex is settling back into full days at school and they tell us he's one of the best behaved kids in the class.  He's been integrated with a regular Grade 6 Core French class once a week and seems to be doing well.  They've considered other options but he's far ahead of his peers in math and far behind in English.  In the spring, they'll consider having him join the choir as they practice for the spring play.

Next year is still in doubt.  We won't know where Alex is going until June.  The expectation is that he'll be in a new autism program at our local high school but we won't know if that program has been approved until June.

Nathan is also doing well, despite not having an aide this year.  His teacher tells me that he's doing much better at focusing and settling into his work.  There are still times he's distracted but she's teaching him how to manage that himself (like sitting in a corner desk if kids are playing on the computer while he's trying to work).  She thinks he might do better if he had a laptop to type on instead of writing by hand, so she's put in a request to the Board.  We'll see what happens.

It's nice to know they're both doing well and controlling any impulsive or aggressive behaviour.  It lets us concentrate on other issues.

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