Thursday 26 November 2015

Holiday Giving Time Suggestion

I feel a little awkward about this but I'm going to put it out there.  This is the season when people decide to make donations to various charities.

If you know anyone who is looking for an opportunity to really help, please pass this post on to them.  

We've been raising money for my son, Alex, to have an autism service dog.  We've been asked to raise $ 30 000, of which we have raised $ 13, 500.

With a dog, our family could do more things together as a unit, like go to the grocery store or out to the park.  Alex would have the opportunity for more independence and he would have a companion.  We can tell that he's lonely since he's developmentally far behind his peers and too large and excitable to play with kids at his own developmental level.

The dogs are provided by National Service Dogs in Cambridge, Ontario.  They do not charge the families (we'll receive the dog regardless of how much money we raise) but depend entirely on donations.  If we can raise the $ 30 000, then another family will be able to receive a dog and gain their own independence.  The money covers the intensive two year training process which make these animals such valuable companions.

Alex is the only child in Ottawa currently on the waitlist for a dog.  You can donate online directly to National Service Dogs in Alex's name here.

Our friends and family have already been incredibly generous.  We can't thank them enough for all of their support.  Every little bit helps get Alex just a little closer to meeting his new best friend.

Thank you.

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