Thursday, 15 October 2015

Prepping for Disappointment

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Alex spotted a toy he wanted: a very nice metal cement mixer truck, about two feet long, with moving parts.  

He received five dollars from his great-grandmother and immediately wanted to buy the truck.  I explained that the truck was closer to fifty dollars than five dollars.  He took up a collection and managed to acquire an additional forty-five dollars.

I had mixed feelings about him getting the money.  On the one hand, I want him to take the time to earn money for the things he wants.  On the other hand, at a dollar a day for no aggression, that would be over two months.  I recall the lesson of the Gup-X, which disappeared from the store before Nathan could accumulate enough allowance.

On Tuesday, we looked again at the price and what I had thought was 49.99 turned out to be 99.99.  So Alex needs to accumulate an additional $63 to buy the truck he wants.

He handled the disappointment fairly well.  But every day since, he asks if he has enough for the cement truck.  It's going to be a long couple of months.

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