Thursday 8 October 2015

Back to Real Life

Sooner or later, all vacations come to an end and then you pay for it.  In my case, with a week of overtime to catch up from all the work I missed.

By all reports, Alex had a good week while we were in Disney.  He stayed with my parents and got to go on a little trip to Toronto to see his aunt and uncle.  He loves travelling on the train, although he was disappointed that he wasn't staying with the sister who has a pool in her apartment building.

We were waiting to see if there would be a behaviour bump after we got back.  When Alex has had a period of indulgence or a difficult transition, we often see more aggression, whining and headbanging.  It can be frustrating but it's part of what we accept as the price of respite.

To our pleasant surprise, he's actually done quite well.  His biggest regression is in accepting "no" gracefully, which wasn't exactly a solid skill of his to begin with.  We've been asking my parents to make sure to interrupt his agenda with their own goals, even if made up.  (I've seen my dad tell Alex that he wants to look at this tree before Alex looks at the stop sign ... I'm assuming that was a made up goal, but maybe he had a botany moment.)  That seems to have really helped Alex to deal with the switch between them and us.

We were told Alex had one bad day while we were gone and it was a day which came after he'd gotten a haircut (which he hates and usually triggers bad days) and didn't get his usual transition time cues.  So it likely would have been a bad day no matter the circumstances (although we generally avoid giving him haircuts during the school week for that reason).

Nathan has settled back into school gracefully, which is nice.  He's happy and excited about seeing his friends.  He's told me that he doesn't think we should have school time vacations any more but that he liked Disney.

Now it's on to the next challenges, transitioning out of Alex's therapy and continuing to raise money for his service dog.

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