Tuesday 27 October 2015

Alex Eats Bacon

On the surface, this isn't a huge announcement.  Almost everyone loves bacon.

But this is the very first crunchy food which Alex has ever voluntarily eaten.  (He's reluctantly eaten some crackers with the promise of a treat after but it's clear he didn't enjoy it.)  Five years ago, he would only eat pureed food and this weekend, he chowed down on crispy bacon.

We were trying a "Breakfast for Supper" night (just for a change) and I'd made pancakes, bacon and eggs.  I figured Alex would eat the scrambled eggs, since they're soft and familiar.  Pancakes were a 50-50 toss and I thought we'd be making good progress if he tolerated the bacon on his plate.  

I asked Alex to try the bacon and he broke off a tiny piece to put in his mouth.  Then another, without being asked.  Within a few minutes, he'd devoured the entire piece and reached for another one.  He ate three slices before turning to the pancake and eggs.

This is proof that his oral sensitivities have calmed enough to tolerate crunchy food.  We just need to find crunchy food that he likes.  It'll probably never be preferred but more and more, Alex isn't going to need a special menu when we go somewhere.  And that is very liberating.

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