Wednesday 2 September 2015

Results from Saturday

Okay, now that my computer is working again, I can actually do this blog entry.  I've ended up having to rewrite it five different times since Monday.  It still won't let me add in a picture without crashing.  Not impressed, Blogger.

Saturday's performance at Finnegan's Roadhouse raised over $ 1300 for Alex's service dog.  The owners of Finnegan's donated $ 200 personally and I ended up winning $ 92 in the 50-50 draw which I put back in the donation bin.  I'm still amazingly impressed by these young ladies and their determination to help out.

Alex was able to come to this performance and he absolutely loved it.  I think he has a little crush on the lead singer.  He jumped up and down and danced in front of the stage, arms and legs flying (he's not earning a ticket to Vegas on So You Think You Can Dance anytime soon but you can't doubt the enthusiasm).  The picture I was trying to post shows Alex grinning with the three girls of Pure Antics.

Thanks again to Finnegan's and Pure Antics for their efforts.  It's making a big difference and getting us that much closer to our goal.

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