Wednesday, 16 September 2015

It's Sad but True, and somehow not that sad

This is my life.  Don't judge me.

I can't wait until the new season of TV starts.  I am a certified story-addict and it has been a long summer of reruns and reno shows.

I tell people that Dave and I watch a lot of TV because we don't have the money or availability to go out and do other things.  This is true but not the entire story, because even before we had kids, we had dozens of shows which we followed through the week.  Shows we genuinely cared about and debated and actively thought about rather than just watching whatever happened to be on.

I have vague guilt that I'm somehow not being productive, that I should spend my hour or ninety minutes of TV time learning a foreign language or crocheting hats for premature babies or something else worthwhile and self-improving.  But I don't.  I allow myself the pleasure of losing myself in the story and relaxing.

It's the equivalent of an hour-long vacation each day, an escape from all the things I should be doing, all the things I wish I could do and all the challenges I have to face.  I think I need that vacation and it is what keeps me going.

So I won't apologize... much.  Or at least, I won't really mean it.

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