Wednesday 9 September 2015

Different Voices

We've been working on getting Alex to use the right volume in the right setting.  His therapist came up with a social story with different voices:

Lion voice: big and loud, for outside

Sheep voice: quiet and clear, for talking to people

Mouse voice: whispering, for quiet time

Butterfly voice: inside your head, so no one else can hear

He's having a lot of trouble with the butterfly voice.  I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, how can I demonstrate a sound which can only be heard inside my head?  I'm trying to use earbuds and lip-syncing to "butterfly sing" but I don't think he's quite grasping it.

Right now, he has no internal monologue.  If he's got a song or a bit of dialogue in his head, we all have to hear it.  If he's enjoying it, he'll do it at a very loud volume.  Since I'm one of those people who can't tune out the sounds around me (I go nuts in shopping malls with bad music), it gets really frustrating.

He's doing fairly well with understanding when to use Lion, Sheep and Mouse.  He needs reminders sometimes but he'll adjust quickly.  Fingers crossed we can find a way to give him mental privacy for his thoughts.

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