Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Not My Day

Yesterday was one of those days when everything seemed to go wrong.  I spent my afternoon on the phone with the helpdesk instead of being able to work.  I cleaned up so many toileting accidents that I actually lost count as well as running out of clean clothes for the kids.  My favourite set of earrings broke.  Dinner boiled over and burned a nice layer of charcoal gunk on the stove.  I got a notice from the IRS (not CRA, the IRS) that there's a problem with my "don't tax me, I'm Canadian" form.  Alex got into my writing computer and deleted a chapter (luckily I have backups but still frustrating).  My cleaners were late and so was my sitter, and she had to leave early.  The hot water tank shut down and took four hours to reset.  The AppleTV kept resetting itself when I tried to relax by watching a little TV.  I discovered the Fort Henry Sunset Ceremony is actually on Wednesdays, instead of the Friday as I previously thought.  And we can't go this week (as we planned) because of a scheduled maintenance window at Dave's work.  There are things in place for the other Wednesdays remaining in the summer, too.

And I kept waking up every 30-40 minutes with an urgent addition to my to-do list (return library books, feed cat, some odd things which have to have been dream inspired but tell that to the adrenaline levels when bolting upright out of bed in the middle of the night).

So today, I'm going to do my best to repair the damage from yesterday, try not to let it get me too discouraged and give myself permission to vent on the general unfairness of life.

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