Wednesday 5 August 2015

Making Summer Work

I was a little surprised when my therapist commented that she thought my kids were having the best summer ever. Personally, I thought I might be being hard on them since I'm not letting them have screentime except for two brief periods (one in the morning and one in the evening). Alex has therapy every afternoon and Nathan has camp every other week. In the mornings, we do a walk and then something outside the house. Twice a week, I have our aide come in the morning and take them somewhere fun (Cosmic or the trampoline park) so that I can write.

The activities are dictated by the "no screentime" rule. I knew that if I tried to have them sitting around the house, there would be fights and much whining and demanding. Keeping them occupied helps to keep things moving along.

Is this the best summer ever? I'm not sure. I wonder if I have them too scheduled, without the lounging free-play that I remember in the summer. On the other hand, they seem to like the activities and do well with schedule and routine, not so well with open-ended entertain yourselves without electronics time.

They do seem to be enjoying it, which is good.

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