Friday, 10 July 2015

If You Go Out In the Woods Today

Forget teddy bears.  Bring bug repellent.  Although that did not help Alex and I during our trek yesterday.

I've been trying to do daily walks in the community.  Yesterday Alex asked to go hiking in the wooded trails near our house.  I know he's been there many times with my father, so I agreed.  I sprayed us both and we ventured off.

Alex definitely knew which way he wanted to go and set off at a brisk walk.  He was very confident with his "right" and "left" at the various turnings.  I am directionally challenged at the best of times, so I was relying on him to guide us through the trails.

After two hours, I began to have doubts about this approach.

Alex was still confidently moving ahead, so I continued to trust him.  But I was starting to have visions of me having to call the therapist to let her know we were lost in the woods.  (I'm reasonably sure I could have still gotten us out as I could hear traffic sounds from nearby but I didn't want to leave the marked trails if we could avoid it.)

Luckily, about 10 minutes later, we came to the exit.  This is the real challenge of not knowing where you are.  We were literally almost there and I had no idea.

Alex enjoyed the walk immensely, even though his little arms now look like he has chicken pox.  (Mine look worse ... mosquitoes love me.)  I think we'll give ourselves a day or two of indoor walks until we heal up a little.

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