Thursday, 23 July 2015

Final Countdown for Disney

Yesterday, Nathan and I picked out our Fastpass selections for the Disney trip in September.  For those new to the blog, we wanted to take the kids to Disneyworld but decided to do it in two visits: one last year with Alex and one this year with Nathan.  That way, we could minimize the number of meltdowns over conflicting desires and agendas.

It's been a very different experience planning for Disney with Nathan.  For one, he's more involved.  He has definite ideas about the things he wants to do (and the ones he doesn't want to do).  Alex wanted to meet princesses and ride the Monorail.  Nathan is excited about going on the rides.  (I had to explain that Fastpass didn't mean we couldn't go on other rides, just that we might have to wait longer.)

I expect we'll probably have fewer visits to the pool this time around, but probably more fuss about eating.  (Alex was fine as long as we could get him a cheeseburger.)  We'll have more waiting in line and thus, probably more waiting in line related tantrums.  But somehow, I think Nathan will grasp what's going on better than Alex did.

One disappointment, the Padawan (Jedi training) experience wasn't being offered in the Fastpass options.  I'm hoping it's still around because I know Nathan would really enjoy it.

We're still planning to get the disability pass for Nathan, although I'm not sure how much we'll use it.  The way it's organized, kids actually end up waiting more even if it's not in line.  Hopefully the waittimes will be reasonable again this year (the longest time we saw was 45 minutes). 

I'm looking forward to this trip and I know Nathan is excited about it.  I just hope it can live up to expectations.

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