Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Confessions of a Child-Free Madwoman, Part 1

Yesterday I embarked on a great adventure, I went shopping to find myself some new jeans, new shorts and a new swimsuit.

When I came home, I remembered why I hate shopping in general.  As a full-figured gal, finding clothes which look good and aren't bank-breakingly expensive is a challenge.  Trying on dozens of different items and not finding anything starts to erode my confidence.  I was also deeply annoyed with two of the salespeople I encountered.  One implied I was being overly sensitive and picky because I insisted on getting a changeroom door which latched.  (Not locked, just latched.)  Another clearly has no idea what the plus sizes actually are and kept handing me things which were circus-tent sized and telling me doubtfully that I might be able to squeeze into it.  (Even though I'd told her my size at least twice.)

Nevertheless, it was refreshing to be able to spontaneously stop at different stores in the mall and browse.  Usually with the kids, shopping is more like a missile target.  In, acquire, out.  They won't tolerate checking "just one more place" to look for things.  I could (and did) even decide to stop and sit down for a snack for a few minutes.  I was entirely on my own agenda, which hasn't happened for quite awhile.  No need to rush back before the end of therapy or because the sitter needed to be somewhere else.  No concern about what was happening at home and what messes I was going to have to clean up when I returned.  The actual shopping may not have been as pleasant as I might have hoped, but the freedom from responsibility was still great.

I came home and put away my new jeans and new swimsuit (no luck on the shorts, apparently skirts are the fashion this year) and still had several glorious hours stretching out in front of me before it would be time to cook supper.  I got on Netflix and binge-watched about five episodes of Fringe, which is definitely not child-friendly but is ever so good!  (We watched the entire series when it was first broadcast and own the DVD set but I like not having to restart each episode or get up to switch DVDs.)

That was my day.  Not everyone's cup of tea for a vacation, but definitely mine.

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