Thursday 18 June 2015

Update on Fundraising: Thank you South March and Gridway

Yesterday was Gridway's open house and fundraiser for Alex's service dog.  It was very well put together, with a dog trainer and two service dogs in training there to answer questions.  (I got a lot of my questions answered about the care and feeding of the dogs.) 

One of the dogs is due to graduate from the program in April, which means he could be in the graduating class when Alex is up for his dog.

I haven't received the final totals, but I was told the silent auction raised around $ 800 and that Gridway would donate $ 20 for every person who came in, and we had around 40 people, which would be another $ 800.  And there's still the money in the donation boxes to count and several people who took information to do direct online donations.  I'd say it was a great success. 

It means a lot to Dave and I that his work went to this kind of effort to help us out.

I also heard the final totals from South March's bracelet sales: $ 323.70.  That's an impressive amount for a class of 6th graders.  In fact, it beats the totals I have from my two garage sales.

Thank you to both South March and to Gridway Computing.  Sometimes, I feel like I'm very much on my own dealing with Alex, so it's great to discover that I'm not.

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