Thursday, 4 June 2015

The Dreaded Summer Gap

Kids with autism like routine.  We all know it.  Which means the end of the school year can be particularly difficult.

Summer lasts about 9 weeks between school end and beginning, which is just enough time for Alex and Nathan to feel as if they're settling into a routine before it all switches again.

That said, we are doing some things to help for the summer and next year.

Nathan is showing some anxiety about next year.  I met with his teacher yesterday and got the great news that she is going to be his teacher again next year.  Nathan works well with her and she's got a good idea of what he can do, which is great.  She's going to take him to the new classroom and show him around before the end of school this year. 

We also got Nathan's "homework" for the summer.  He's on an IEP for writing, due to his difficulties with composition, so we'll be working on that.  Nathan's teacher has been having them do a weekly journal entry, so we'll continue that and she's said she's happy to look at it when he goes back.

Alex will be returning to his same school and classroom as this year, so he only needs minimal support.  His therapy will be continuing through the summer, which will give him a break but still keep the routine.

We'll be doing therapeutic riding again this year, a hour per week.  The kids enjoy it and look forward to it each year.

I've got an aide coming in to do two mornings a week of childcare for me.  That should help me to be able to continue writing.

For me, summer is a challenge because while I know I have to keep up a routine, I also know the kids need a break.  They work incredibly hard all year (particularly Alex this year) and need some downtime or else they burn out.  It doesn't matter if the events are fun, they still need breaks.

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