Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Last Minute Chaos and Teacher Gifts

This week is likely to be sketchy for posts as I try to cram everything into the four days where I still have state-sponsored childcare (otherwise known as school).  I'm sorry about that but I hope everyone understands.

Yesterday I picked up the end-of-year gifts for the boys' teachers.  This is always a bit of an expensive proposition, because there are 6 of them.  Nathan has his teacher and an EA (whom he shares with 4 other kids but she does a really good job with him) and Alex has his teacher and 3 EAs. 

This year has been a challenge.  Nathan had a tough time transitioning and his teacher and EA showed a lot of patience and encouragement in working with him.  Alex's schedule has been a challenge all on its own, with half days and surprise full days thrown in.  Add to that his own transitional challenges, the fundraising for the dog and a food tolerance program and they've really earned their money with him this year.

There is also the matter of the strike.  I always come down on the side of the teachers.  Not the school board and not the union, but with the teachers.  They get caught in the middle between two organizations that frankly seem more interested in battling for power than in protecting either the children or the on-the-ground staff.  Our teachers have done an incredible job at finding a balance between supporting the strike action but also making sure that the boys are not negatively impacted by it.

In light of all this, I decided to go beyond my usual $5-$10 budget and get them each a $20 gift certificate for a local restaurant.  They deserve a nice night out.  This isn't something I'll be able to do every year, but this year, I'd say they'd earned it.

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