Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Fundraising for Alex's Service Dog (Update)

We're not expert fundraisers.  Putting together a big gala or event is really beyond us.  But I've been impressed by how generous and helpful our family, friends and coworkers have been.

Right now, Alex's total is sitting at $ 8 515, which is almost a third of the way to our total goal. 

Dave and I ran a garage sale on the weekend and also asked for donations for our birthdays.  Between that, another garage sale a few weeks earlier and donation boxes at my work, we've raised $ 225 and some change, which will be added to the total.

There's still stuff upcoming, too.  The grade 6s at Alex's school are doing a fundraiser.  Dave's work is doing a fundraiser as part of an open house.  The daughter of one of our friends (who is in a band) is arranging for charity performances at local cafes and bars.  (I'll have more details on that soon, but one of the bars has offered to do free pizza at midnight!)

I want to say thank you to everyone who has donated so far and thank you to everyone who has helped to spread the word.  I'll admit that when I first saw the total of $ 30 000, I thought to myself that there's no way I can make this happen.  Now, it feels like it's in reach, which makes me feel good.  Either way, Alex will get a dog but now we'll be able to help someone else get a dog, too.

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