Thursday, 7 May 2015

More Toileting Work

James Bond had it easy.  Ditto Sherlock Holmes and every single comic book superhero since the dawn of time.

None of them had to deal with toilet-training a kid who is really not a fan of the process.

The latest challenge is that he is refusing to do a BM until later in the evening.  This means the therapists have no chance to work on it and things are left entirely on our shoulders.  And often we have no opportunity for success because he's waiting until after bedtime.

After some talks with our doctor as well as the behaviour specialist, we've decided to use a bowel stimulant to encourage him to go while the therapists are here.  It's not a great decision and it carries some risks (there are reasons this isn't the go-to plan for toilet training) but the risk of losing any opportunity to reward the behaviour we want is greater.

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