Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Happy Birthday Alex

Alex had a pretty good birthday today.
 Started with some presents, a collection of Disney Princesses and an articulated bus.

 Had his picture taken by the local paparazzi.
 Enjoyed a birthday morning croissant.
 Got another party and cupcakes during therapy.
 And a lovely ball with the Frozen princesses on it.
 Then came the highlight: Queen Elsa and Princess Ana dropped by for a visit.
 Lots of hugs.

 Sitting with each of them in turn.

 More cuddles.
 Learning a dance.
 Demonstrating his mad puzzle assembly skills.
I'm really glad we went ahead with an official princess party.  The girls were wonderful and stayed in character the entire time.  They adjusted what they were doing with what Alex wanted to do and let him lead.  I didn't get a picture (though I did record a video) of him enjoying them singing "Let It Go" and "Do You Want To Build A Snowman".   They even joined us for ice cream at the end.
Alex was delighted.  I think it will be the highlight of his week.

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