Thursday 16 April 2015

One Day Left Until Gail

Okay, I'm a definite fan-geek girl.  :)  When I get excited about something, it's hard to wait.

And I'm excited about seeing Gail Vaz Oxlade tomorrow at the conference.  I'm hoping for some real practical advice about how to balance paying for today without bankrupting tomorrow when your child has special needs.

We've long since trimmed the "extras" out of our life.  No $ 3 coffees, restaurant meals are few and far between (and mostly involve a drive-thru).  I'm lucky in that I found part time work I can do from home which allows me to continue to be available for the boys' needs and still earn some income.  Dave is lucky that his work understands the situation and allows him to be flexible with his hours.  So we have more resources than many families in the same situation.

But it's still a challenge.  And we're not saving much for the future.  Everything goes into dealing with the present.

Hopefully Gail has some ideas about how to change that.

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