Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Happy April Fools

Autism can be cured by eating spinach!  :)

Eh, just as plausible as some of the other options.

We got two good jokes in on the boys.  First, Nathan woke up while I was checking on him before going to bed myself last night, so I told him "Time for school."  His little face went into a laugh-inducing study of bewilderment and sleepiness.  I then told him "April Fools" and he went back to sleep. 

Second joke, I flipped the calendar to May instead of April and told them they'd slept through April.  Nathan immediately realized I was fooling them.  And even Alex got in on the joke, telling me "April" and switching the calendar back.

Last joke, this one on Dave and was Nathan's idea.  Dave is very picky about his cereal.  He only likes having Life in the morning.  So we switched the bag inside the Life box with the bag from the All-Bran box.  Should be entertaining.

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