Thursday 9 April 2015

Gearing Up For Birthday Season

It is that magical time where I have to have a minor panic over planning Birthday Events.  This year, I'm actually a little ahead of the curve.

I've got Nathan's friend party more or less set up.  We're doing a movie birthday this year where he and 10 of his friends can see Home in theatre.  The slightly nerve wracking part for me is that I won't be able to confirm details like time and whether or not Home is still in theatres until the Tuesday before the Saturday party.  I'm fairly confident Home will have a long run, there's nothing really to compete with it and DreamWorks has a good record.  But it's not set and that makes a control freak like me nervous.

I've contacted Ottawa Princess Parties to see if they will do an event for Alex.  I foresee three potential challenges with this.  One, he's not a girl, which may throw them off.  Two, I've described him as severely autistic, which may make them nervous.  And three, he would be the only kid, which isn't really a party.  On the other hand, I'm willing to pay their fee, so I'm hoping they're at least willing to talk to me and work something out.

Next is the family party to arrange.  I've set the date but need to work out the time.  I've asked for donations to Alex's service dog in lieu of gifts for Dave and I.  Cake and decorations ... still need to be worked out.

Then there's our at a restaurant family party where we can behave like grownups.  And the friend party/book launch event. 

This is why I'm exhausted come June. 

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