Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Birthday Preparation Proceeding

Two birthday events coming up quickly.  Nathan's movie birthday party this weekend and Alex's princess party.

I am very pleased with the response from the princess party people (Ottawa Princess Parties)  They were more than happy to come just for Alex and asked lots of useful questions, including questions about his sensory needs and his visit to Disney last year.  (So the princesses can remember what happened.)

I'm less impressed with Landmark Cinemas right now, although I'm reserving judgment for the moment.  When I first booked, the girl was quite enthusiastic and pleasant to deal with.  They said they would contact me the Tuesday before the party to confirm schedules and numbers.  I ended up having to call them and the girl I dealt with acted as though I was personally ruining her day by arranging to have children come for a birthday party.  She kept insisting on strict timetables and wanted to know if I had plans in place to keep the kids from disturbing anyone.  When I suggested an out of the way spot in the theatre, I was shot down and told we needed to stay in the main lobby rather than anywhere past the ticket gate.  She was also pretty snotty about keeping the lootbags and gifts safe at guest services (which had been promised). 

I'm hoping I just got a sulky teenager on a bad day rather than the person who will actually be guiding us through the party process.  But if this is Landmark's attitude and accessibility, they should stop offering parties as an option.

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