Tuesday 7 April 2015

Back from a 4 Day Weekend

It's not quite back-to-school-after-March-Break happy, but it's up there.  I'm not sure what happened with our toileting program but it felt like I did nothing but clean up accidents this weekend.  Clearly, I got the wrong end of the Easter Bunny.

I am hoping the blip is just a disruption in schedule and not a major setback.  I guess we'll see how quickly things come back to normal.

Alex is doing better at being unsupervised these days and much better about complying without complaining.  Separating the rewards so that iPad is for compliance only has definitely helped.

I've come up with a strategy for lengthening Alex's time on the toilet.  I sorted our songs on iTunes by time and created a playlist whose songs are all between 2 and 2.5 minutes.  They're all songs that Alex likes so now I make him sit for two songs and he can pick the second song (which is invariably Toot, Toot, Chugga, Chugga (Big Red Car) by the Wiggles).  I'll have to talk with our behavioural specialist to see if I'm setting myself up for a problem, but I'm hopeful.  The evidence suggests he's going to have to sit for at least 10-15 minutes to have a shot at relaxing long enough to actually go, so I need some sort of strategy to keep him there.

I found out that my cousin raised over $ 2600 for Alex's service dog with her housewarming and we've been told that another $ 2600 will be matched for that.  My mom raised $ 500 for her birthday, so we're creeping steadily towards our goal of $ 30 000.

I'm going to talk to our local Tim Hortons to see if they'd be interested in helping out.  Alex loves the drive-thru and the people there know him and like him.  Apparently one of them got him a present but has been moved to the morning shift, so I'll have to take him one morning to have a visit.  Of course, Tims is involved in a lot of charities already so the individual franchise owners may have to stick with the official company options.  But it's worth asking.

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