Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Update on Fundraising and Plans for the Service Dog

We've begun our quest to raise $ 30 000 for National Service Dogs and after less than a month, we've managed to raise over $ 2000, which I think is a pretty good start.

This is more than a little daunting.  I'm more of a drop-a-coin here and there than a major fundraising expert.  I'm trying to put together some ongoing collection options but I wonder if it will be enough.

We're also starting to prepare for the dog's eventual arrival.  I'm going to start pushing myself to do more regular walks with Alex.  I've even talked to a neighbour about borrowing their dog to get him used to walking with the dog.

We've also looked at the logistics of family travel and will have to see about upgrading to a larger car.  (I love my Yaris but 2 adults, 2 kids and a dog will be more than a little crowded ... ie, not enough room for luggage.)

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