Tuesday 31 March 2015

Paperwork and Time Management

I have five separate stacks of paperwork sitting on my desk right now:

- Nathan's passport application, which is not urgent but does need to be started soon so that it's here in plenty of time for us to go to Florida.

- permission and not-gonna-sue forms for riding this summer, needs to be in by the end of the week

- application for the new Universal Child Care Benefit ($ 60 per month for children between the ages of 7-18) where they want me to prove that I'm the primary caregiver by providing a birth certificate and evidence of enrolling the child in some kind of activity.  This needs to go in fairly promptly.  If Harper is trying to buy my vote, he's going to have to pay up.

- a variety of promotional options for my novel, sales have started to trickle off so it's time to launch another campaign.  I'm doing some research on NetGalley and Book Bub, plus looking at various contests and getting the book into the Ottawa Public Library

- March's receipts and statements to be sent into Special Services at Home for reimbursement.

This isn't even an unusually busy week.  I have a system in place for paperwork where I set up my to-be-done pile at the start of the week in a basket on my desk.  Then I make sure to finish one or two pieces each day.

The endlessness of it does get grinding though.  There are always applications, receipts to be collected and sent off.  I ended up working at my day job until 3:30 yesterday, which meant no writing.  And Alex had a rough evening (not unexpected since he earned a bus ride and he always has a rough time after the bus ride) so no opportunity to catch up there.

Maybe it's just winter hanging on forever, but I am definitely feeling discouraged and tired.  Maybe it's just time for a vacation.

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