Monday, 16 March 2015

Alex's Omelet

This weekend illustrated why we have to be careful leaving Alex unsupervised.  On Sunday, Dave and Nathan headed off to Nana's, leaving Alex and I on our own.

We were having a fairly good day.  (I had locked up the cats to remove the major temptation.) 

I had to go to the bathroom and when I came out, Alex had cracked three eggs into a frying pan and was stirring them up.  He was recreating a scene from a Baby Bumblebee word illustration.

While I was cleaning that up, he ran upstairs and climbed into the washer again to play Oscar the Grouch.

I brought him back downstairs and he proceeded to pester me for the iPad, which he hadn't earned.  Then he wanted to go play upstairs in his room.  I allowed him and went to fold laundry in the hall, figuring I could protect the washer from there.

The washer, maybe, but not the bathroom.  He began filling up the sink to pretend to be Mr Noodle (Elmo's World) washing his hands.

Okay, no more upstairs.  Back down we all go.  Next he sits behind the couch and begins to disassemble some of the therapy tools. 

This all happened in less than half an hour and continued throughout the day.  And each incident and redirection was punctuated with whining, screaming and headbanging.  I can't say he's being "bad" since I don't believe he understands that he's not supposed to do those things.  But keeping an eye on him is a relentless task these days.  I literally cannot do anything else, not even read, since it means taking my attention away from him.

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