Friday, 27 March 2015

24 Hours of Isolation

Sometime on Wednesday, a cable was pulled from its socket and our phone and Internet went dead.

Thursday afternoon, Bell came in, found the problem and repaired it.

The cable was in the small green box/pillar outside our house.  The access was locked and the cable itself is buried between the box and house.  So how did it get pulled out of the socket?

It's a mystery we will probably never know the answer to.  It seems unlikely that we have wild animals roaming the neighbourhood and unplugging telephone hard lines.  I can't see kids playing with it (especially since it probably occurred during school hours).  Dave is convinced it is somehow the result of the melting snow, though I'm having a hard time seeing how.

But for an afternoon, evening and morning, we were cut off from the outside world.  (We had our cell phones in case of emergencies but that was really it.)  No screen time for the kids, no interruptions from telemarketers to sell us frozen meat or eternal salvation.  It was quiet.

We read.  We did puzzles.  The kids played with their toys.  It was actually rather pleasant.

I wouldn't want to live unconnected all the time but for one day, it was a nice change.

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