Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Nathan Quote: Boy Who Cried Wolf

Something amusing to start off the week.

Dave was tickling Nathan this weekend and Nathan (as he usually does) was shouting: "Stop!  Stop!  You're killing me!"  (To be clear, if Dave does stop, Nathan gets upset and wants him to continue.)

In a pause, I asked Nathan if he remembered the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf.  When his memory proved to be fuzzy on the details, I reminded him of the story and asked him what the lesson was.

Nathan: Don't cry 'wolf' three times.

I tried again, explaining that if you say something which isn't true all the time, then when it is true, no one will believe you.

He looked dubious (and I don't blame him, it wasn't my best explanation).

Later, during another tickling session, Nathan looked right at me and shouted "Stop!  Wolf!  Wolf!"

I think I'll have to mark this one down as a parenting-guidance failure.  Once I stop laughing.

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