Wednesday 4 February 2015

Let The Disney Magic Begin Again

Last year, we took Alex to Disney.  This fall, it will be Nathan's turn.

I've reserved our holiday package and booked our flights. 

This is an expensive way to have a family vacation, but I think it was the best decision for our family.  Neither boy adapts well to compromise and sadly, Nathan is the one who has to live with disappointment the most often.  Since Alex is more severe, when he approaches meltdown, there can be no negotiation.

This way, Alex got a great vacation where he got to do exactly what he wanted and Nathan will get the same.  Want to go on the rides?  Great!  Want to swim three times a day?  No problem.  Want to live at Disney for the rest of your life?  We all want that but we have to live with the disappointment.

I'm feeling stressed out about the planning again but a different stress than before.  I know more of what to expect which gives me more questions about what might go wrong.  But I also worry that my expectations will end up overshooting reality.  Can it really be as magical as the first time?

I hope so.

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