Friday, 20 February 2015

Back Down the Toileting Rabbit Hole

The therapists have been working on this since September and now it's our turn to take up the program.  Alex still has very limited success on the toilet, but that is mainly because he saves up his BMs for when therapy is over.

Now toileting will continue after therapy.  The first step will be to positively pair me telling him to go to the bathroom and him sitting on the toilet.  So he'll get a small reward just for complying (a marshmallow or gummi bear). 

I'll be taking him every 15 minutes from the time therapy ends until he produces a BM.  Years of experience have told me that I will need a timer to make it happen.

If he produces a BM in the toilet (even if it started in his underwear), then he'll get a big reward: a sticker on his chart (every 5 stickers = ice cream) and unlimited screen time.

Of course, due to his tendency to dribble, I still have to keep interrupting him to do the bathroom checks until I can be certain he's done.

Hopefully this will be the breakthrough we've been hoping for and we'll be able to say goodbye to diapers for good in this household.  (Possibly also to our Costco membership ... without the diapers, it may no longer be worth it.)

It will be a long process.  I'm not expecting any results before summer at the earliest.  But we will keep on going.

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