Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Adding A Personal Administration Day

One of my coworkers recently announced her plans to take a personal administrative day each month.  A day to deal with the banking, when-I-have-time errands and all the other things which generally get shoved aside under the pressures of work and life.

Since she mentioned it, I've been considering doing the same.  I've been struggling since December, trying to keep up with everything.  I'm now juggling two jobs: writing and my administrative work.  (My novel is now available on and which means I need to fit writing the sequel and promotion into my day.)

I've been having to stay up at night to find extra hours, which is a challenge.  And daily life tasks have been falling by the wayside.  I've been trying to find the time to go to Service Canada to renew my health card for the last six weeks but it's never a good time.  Ditto getting Nathan his passport for our Disney trip.

The tricky part is that if I take a day off, that's a considerable hit on our income, since I would lose the day's pay.  I don't work a lot of hours but even losing a sick day can make a big difference for us.  That's the biggest argument against making the personal administrative day a regular feature.

But I think I'm not going to have a choice soon about biting the bullet and just doing it.  There's too many things piling up and, frankly, I can't afford to drop any of them.

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