Friday 2 January 2015

Not Our Best Holiday

Perhaps I was a little overconfident when it came to Christmas.  We had a routine down, one which went relatively smoothly.  This year, the Fates reminded me of why I believe monkey-wrenching with human plans is a divine pastime.

Both boys got sick with a stomach flu.  Alex's hit Christmas Day and Boxing Day but Nathan's lasted from Christmas Eve to Saturday the 27th.  It meant we ended up cancelling nearly everything we had planned. 

Dave skirted the edge of being sick but I managed to avoid it somehow.  (Not sure how, maybe through sheer denial.) 

It was a strange sickness.  They would get stomach cramps and throw up but then be fine and high energy until their next bout.  No fever, no coughing or sneezing, no other symptoms to help figure out what might have caused it.

At least they enjoyed their main gift from Santa: an Xbox One.  We had a debate with Santa over whether or not he should get a Wii or the Xbox.  The Wii has a wider selection of child friendly games and is what most of Nathan's friends have.  But the Xbox is a more sophisticated gaming system and more likely to allow the boys to grow and develop.  Hopefully the content improves as the Xbox 360 is phased out.

Nathan in particular really likes the games.  The LEGO movie video game is his current favourite.  Even Alex is intrigued enough to play, although he generally ignores the game objectives and simply wanders around exploring the landscape.

I'm exhausted after almost a week of interrupted sleep and constant vigilance.  Both boys had to be changed through the night, either from accidents or vomiting.  And Nathan got really scared about what was happening to him.  Most of the time when he's sick, it's only a day or two and then he's better.  This time it kept lingering on and on.  He started to ask me what would happen if he never got better.  I told him that his body was going to fight it and he just needed a little more time.  It took him a few days of feeling better before he would go anywhere without his bucket.

It's not what I would have wanted but at least we got through it.  I think we did relatively well as a family.  But I am definitely looking forward to when school is back in session.

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