Wednesday 28 January 2015

Nathan's First Fan-Fic

This weekend Nathan came home with the "Writing Briefcase" and the task of writing a four to five page book, either a short story or a non-fiction book.

Nathan decided to write a short story about what happened with Wyldstyle and Emmet after the LEGO movie.  He decided they would be bored and miss having adventures, until their friend Batman comes to visit.

The story had to be illustrated as well.  Dave and Nathan had a lot of fun constructing a set and taking pictures to illustrate the story.

I'm pretty proud of Nathan's first official venture into fan-fiction.  He's imaginative and creative and I hope he's learned that he doesn't have to wait for other people to come up with the stories he's interested in.  He figured out what would happen in the story and posed the pictures all by himself. 

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