Thursday, 15 January 2015

Frustrations and Delays

I mentioned we were all sick over the Christmas holidays, having to cancel a number of family get togethers.  Unfortunately, Dave has been sick for the last week and a half, further postponing any attempt at rescheduling.

It's been really exhausting trying to get everything done.  The kids have been tired and worried (and more inclined to snap at us and each other).  Dave has been sleeping through most of the days.  And I've been trying to cope with everything, including getting the final editing steps done for my novel. 

I found out today that Dave has not talked to his father about rescheduling the Christmas get-together.  At all.  I feel guilty about that, leaving his dad with the impression that we don't care if we see him.  (If he's reading this, we do!  We want to see you!) 

I'll have to give him a call today and sort things out. 

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